Natural Serendipity

Nurturing Heart-Centered Living in a Fast-Paced Life

Birthday Poem

Reaching for peace within, embracing the practice of self-love, this gives her the strength and courage to burst into bloom once again. Continue reading “Birthday Poem”

Busy Bee Micro Meditation

I daydream of meditating for hours. Laying or sitting in silence. My body comfortable and my mind clear. My reality is I am a super busy momma/wife/solopreneur/student. There are things to be done of which I must do. So, I micro-meditate. Continue reading “Busy Bee Micro Meditation”

Finding Bliss

“Breathe in, Breathe out

They say its all going down, yeah, all gone down

But from your center you can see its just goin up and around”

Continue reading “Finding Bliss”

Back to the Basics: Just Breathe

Here’s a little tip from me to you: Don’t hold your breath. Continue reading “Back to the Basics: Just Breathe”

Miss you in my life

I want to call my dad

I want to call my dad on the phone

I want to call my dad on the phone and tell him about Continue reading “Miss you in my life”

My dad – My Father

He was a simple man, his worldly belongings fit easily into two chairs of my badass minivan, consisting mostly of rocks, wood carvings, and feathers. Continue reading “My dad – My Father”

Still Learning to Love Myself

My hope for abundance hastened my judgement when I dug up Continue reading “Still Learning to Love Myself”

No Horizon in Suburbia

I sit, my fingers poised above the keys, ready to rapidly fire thoughts, emotions, lessons I’ve learned. Yet, my hands grow weary of holding the pose and my eyes glaze over as I stare at the blinking cursor. Continue reading “No Horizon in Suburbia”

Snowflake in Summer

I hear, “You just take things too seriously

Maybe you’re  just too sensitive.”

I say, “WHOA… Continue reading “Snowflake in Summer”

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